7 Steps to Make Authentic Chinese Dumplings

Dumpling (jiǎo zi) is unarguably the most popular and highest-profile Chinese dish, with very good reasons: firstly, making and eating dumplings is an important activity for families on traditional Chinese festivals like New Year's Eve of Spring Festival and Winter Solstice, especially for those in northern China. Secondly, somehow the Chinese dumpling has become a work of art, thanks to the constantly innovate and develop in the making method. Dumplings are made into cute little animals, leaves, flowers… Xian Dumpling Banquet just offers this kind of artistic dumplings! Thirdly and most importantly, dumpling is easy to make, simple food yet delicious, and favored by both Chinese and Westerns!  

Xian Dumpling Banquet

Follow the 7 steps to make authentic Chinese dumplings at home: 

Step 1 Prepare the ingredients and seasonings  

1) 250 g all purpose flour, 150 ml water, 80 g pork (ground), 150 g cabbage (you can choose shrimp and other vegetables if you like) 

Ingredients for Making Dumpling

2) 20 g green onion, 1 g salt, 15 g ginger, 1/3 teaspoon of white pepper, 10 g Soy sauce, 10 g sesame oil, 5 g cooking wine, and red chili oil (optional)  

Seasonings for Making Dumpling

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Step 2 Make dumpling dough

Put 4 cups of flour into a large bowl, mixed with 1 g salt. Then stir it well, and gradually add small quantities of warm water until you get a smooth dough. let the dough rest for about 30minutes to be fermented.


Step 3 Make dumpling fillings

Clean the meat and chop it into ground. Clean the cabbage and cut it into small slices. Put the ground meat and cabbage slices into a bowl. Add some finely chopped ginger and green onion, as well as proper quantity of salt, cooking wine, white pepper, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Stir well to mix.

Dumpling Filling   

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Step 4 Make dumpling wrappers

Take out of the dough and put it on a clean flat board. Sprinkle some flour on it. Rub the dough into a stick, and cut it into 20 equal pieces. Roll each piece into a flat circular wrapper about 3 inches in diameter with your hand and a rolling pin. Put the wrappers in a dish. Make sure that each wrapper is coated with some flour so that they won’t stick together.

   Make dumpling wrappers  

Step 5 Wrap dumplings

put a small spoonful of filling at the center of the wrapper. Smear a little water on the edge of the wrapper, then fold and pinch the wrapper from the middle to the two outer sides, forming a half-circle shape dumpling.

 Making Dumplings

Step 6 Make the dipping sauces

Mix salt, white sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and red chili oil in a small dish, and stir it well. The amount of the seasonings can be appropriately used according to your personal taste.

Dumpling Source  

Step 7 Boil the dumplings

You've got to get a wok with water. Add the dumplings one by one into to the water until the water is boiling. Add in 1/4 table spoon of water when it boils. Repeat this twice again. Turn off the heat. Finally your dumplings are ready! Remove the dumplings to a dish, and feast on it with your well-prepared authentic dumpling dipping source. 

Boil Dumplings   

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