8 Famous Noodles to Try in China

China is a foodie heaven, showcased in the eight Great cuisines and thousands of dishes and delicacies. But it isn’t all about dining in the luxury restaurants with a rich feast. It also shows very unique style and great attainments in noodle – a simple but very popular food in China. Noodles are easy to cook, with a wide range of cooking methods and ever-changing flavors. Here is a list of China’s top 8 noodles.

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1. Fried Bean Sauce Noodles (炸酱面)

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Beijing's most iconic noodles – the noodles are stirred with small pieces of vegetables and fried sauce. Prepare the cucumber, cedrela sinensis, bean sprouts, green beans and soybeans as the side dishes. Then fry the bean source based on ground meat, onion, ginger and soybean paste. 

2. Hot Dry Noodle (热干面)

what to eat in Wuhan China

It is Huhan people’s favorite food, and the most popular breakfast in Wuhan. The noodles are in medium size and of light yellow color. It tastes slightly spicy and salty.

3. The Shaved Noodles (刀削面)

Chinese noodles

The shaved noodles feature authentic Shanxi flavor. Knead dough into regiment, and slice it into medium-thick pieces and boil them. When the noodles are done, add minced meat and seasonings. 

4. Lanzhou Hand Pull Noodles (兰州拉面)

Chinese handmade noodles

how to make chinese noodles

Hand-pulled noodle is a type of Lanzhou noodle. It’s very dramatic to watch the noodles being made. The dough is twisted, stretched and folded, then made into strands. The side dishes include sliced cucumber, chill oil, egg, beef and coriander Leaf. And the soup is boiled by cattle bones or sheep bones. 

5. Dan Dan Noodles (担担面)

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A popular dish in the gourmet city, Dan Dan Noodles are made by hand roll, and taste excellent. 

6. Pian Er Chuan Noodles (片儿川)

China Hangzhou noodles

A famous local delicacy in Hangzhou, the noodles are cooked with light soup, and stirred with delicious toppings including fresh potherb mustard, fresh bamboo shoots and lean meat. 

7. Stewed Noodles (烩面)

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It is a traditional snack in Henan province, Central China. There are mutton stewed noodles, beef stewed noodles and five-delicacies stewed noodles. 

8. Wonton Noodles (馄饨面)

Wonton and noodles

Wonton Noodles are most famous in Hong Kong and Canton area. The wonton stuffing is made of lean meat, shrimps, crabs or any other sea food. And the noodles are cooked in chicken soup or nutrition soup. 

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